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Design Background and Mission Statement

I first developed an interest in art and graphic design back in the early 90's while I was working in Paris, France after visiting the Louvre Museum. I often thought that becoming a graphic artist/designer would be an interesting career but for various reasons the time never seemed right. That was until I found myself in the USA at a career changing crossroad in 2008. I decided to study digital design and after researching the schools throughout the country decided to enroll in the AAS Digital Media/Multimedia Technology course at Gulf Coast Community College. I graduated in May 2011 (summa cum laude) and now do graphic design and photography from my boat in the Florida Keys.

Wildlife and macro photography are two areas I am especially interested in and my decision to move to the Keys are to further this interest.

My portfolio has several examples of my work.

lemon shark
praying mantis
  My Mission is to foster a feeling of trust with my customers through supplying a quality product and maintaining good communications. I give my customers what I expect from a supplier; value for money and solid after sales service.  
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